EMWI was and is always for you

EMWI is the genuine and loyal product based company. It has been many years since the inception of the company. We are with the great products standing right to you. We deal from wellness products to Garment products.
We understand your needs and wants hence proffering the safest and organic health products. It has been into wellness products earlier but now it has many verticals. Like cosmetic, Garments and FMCG. So do not worry about the team and our platform security. Relax set back and relish the EMWI.
EMWI is a direct selling company and India first co-commerce platform offers a comprehensive range of fashion and lifestyle products directly to the consumers. EMWI  is the Registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 in year 2019. EMWI is providing a common platform to stretch dreams and build a community of successful entrepreneurs. EMWI believes in enhancing lifestyle and fulfilling dreams of every individual in its wide network of distributors and consumers.
EMWI  is fully aware and adhering the Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules, 2021 published by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in Official Gazette dated 28th December 2021 including any amendments, modifications or enactment of new legislation by Government of India. EMWI has prepared and incorporated all the guidelines, rules and requirements mentioned in the said Direct Selling Rules.
Selling products is the most important part of the EMWI business, not recruiting. Distributors cannot make money unless products are sold.
A Distributor could recruit a million people, if none of them generate product sales, nobody would make any money. Distributors as well as the people on their sales teams need to be selling products in order to earn an income. By the way, EMWI business is free of cost and there are no fees on any account if you choose to do business with EMWI. 
EMWI is a platform which provides business opportunities to individual distributors as this is a direct sales company only provide business opportunities as we are a direct sales company. We do not encourage anyone to Misinterpret/Misrepresent it as a job opportunity.
We believe in ethical business practices and promote the same in our community as well.
We take strict action against the distributor in case of fake job posting. (in case we find them promoting false job in any way possible).
EMWI  doesn't provide any kind of food or accommodation to anyone. It is important for you to know that EMWI has also not authorized anyone to facilitate food or accommodation on behalf of it.
EMWI  sign-up is completely free and there are no charges for any training or registration in EMWI, In fact EMWI takes action against the distributor if found involved in asking for money on behalf of EMWI.
As EMWI is a Company, it can have only one office(a single registered office) as its registered office which is serves from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm on all working days at EMWI MARKETING OPC PVT LTD
Ground floor Door No  456/9, 456/10 City Tower, Salmara, Karkala 574104,Karnataka - INDIA
EMWI products are purchased and sold through our individual business owners only, having a strong and active customer base of people those buy our products because they love them. Apart from the incentives, we also give them attractive discounts on the products they love and give them a chance to build their own business with their experience.

What We Provide?